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Make a Career for Yourself in Webcam Modeling

Why Live stream Modeling? How Cam Girls Make a Successful Career in Webcam Modeling in 2017

Not all that long ago, mainstream fashion viewed perfection through quite a narrowly focused lens. Perfection was about 5’, 10” tall and came in a 34-24-34 package with little room for deviation. When the standard age requirements of 16 to 21 years old were added into the mix, the margins became even smaller.

Flawless complexion was required, and only a limited range of skin tones actually made the cut. On top of those restrictive guidelines, nonconformities to the societal standards of the time weren’t tolerated. Tattoos and unconventional piercings were considered taboo and didn’t fit into the industry’s idea of beauty. All things considered, the “acceptable” category covered less than 1 percent of the adult female population.

Fast-forward to the present, and you’ll find the criteria have changed considerably over the last decade or so. The modeling industry now realizes beauty extends well beyond the parameters set forth in its past. Body art of all types have become the norm, and glamour comes in every imaginable shape, size, height and age. Imperfections are no longer undesirable; in fact, they only serve to broaden the scope of beauty waiting to be discovered and enjoyed.

Figure in the positive impact technology has had on the industry, and the available opportunities are now virtually endless. You can reach millions of viewers from a single online platform with a wider audience and range of marketing opportunities at your disposal than ever before.

Webcam modeling could be considered the most rapidly growing field of the industry, providing even more outlets for those interested in sharing their lovely and unique attributes with the world. At Wild Orchid Modeling, we’re committed to helping our models succeed and build longevity in the industry.

A Breakdown of the Webcam Modeling World

You might be surprised to learn just how broad and diverse the fan base actually is for webcam girls. A number of niches exist in the online realm. Which one you choose to fill is entirely up to you.

  • Non-Nude Cam Girls:

    Plenty of guys are looking for conversation and down-to-Earth entertainment when they take the search for companionship online. You could offer live streams of yourself cooking, washing dishes, carrying out your daily exercise routines and doing other everyday tasks. Of course, you could take your image in a more erotic or fetish-oriented direction if the mood strikes. This isn’t the most highly sought-after category in the industry, and you’ll need to have plenty of creativity on your side if take the non-nude approach, but it’s entirely possible to make a living as a webcam girl without showing off more than your smile, personality and inner quirks.

  • Nude Webcam Modeling:

    You might say this is a bit of a middle ground in the live stream realm. If you’re comfortable bearing your bare skin on camera without getting too graphic, this might be the path for you. Footage of yourself going about your daily routine appeals to some, but if you’re doing so in the buff, word tends to travel a bit faster. Though you don’t necessarily need to put on erotic shows for your viewers, you certainly can if you so choose. Again, just how far you take your act depends on your own comfort level.

  • Explicit Webcam Shows:

    This branch of webcam modeling really needs no explanation; in all honesty, it’s the most popular one and the easiest to build a career in if you’ve got the right resources. It’s also the sector with the most competition. Being successful in this field takes a great deal of confidence and an entirely different level of creativity. You might need a little more patience and tolerance with members of your audience as well.

One of the most common misconceptions surrounding webcam modeling is that it goes hand in hand with the porn industry. While the option is certainly there if you’re up for it, it’s not the only route available. Consider your strengths as well as the boundaries of your comfort zone before moving forward. No matter which branch you choose, an eager audience will be there to welcome you.

What Does Webcam Modeling Involve?

First off, it’s important to understand the intricacies of webcam modeling. Contrary to popular belief, you can’t simply decide to post an occasional live stream of yourself and hope to succeed. As is the case with successful television shows, a number of elements go into the production and syndication of live stream performances that inspire the viewer to come back over and over again.

Regardless of the type of show you offer, you’ll need to be creative, have a well-planned theme, the right props and an array of other components including knowing how to set your price structure. Each performance needs to be fresh, fun, entertaining and creative. A great deal of planning and work is involved in the process, but Wild Orchid Modeling is here to guide you every step of the way.

Learn How to Express Yourself On Cam

Live stream leaves no room for do-overs and re-takes. What’s captured on camera the first time around is live, so it’s important to get things right from the get-go. This, more so than any other element, is the primary concern of most cam-girls whether their image revolves around non-nude costumes and role playing or nude and explicit shows.

Practice makes perfect no matter what your theme will be. If you want to develop a solid and ever-growing fan base, you’ll need to learn how to best express yourself in front of the camera. From facial expressions to body language and beyond, having professional guidance will be one of your biggest keys to success.

Build Your Empire, Build Your Modeling Brand

Simply offering live streams isn’t going to bring in viewers. As is the case with any type of business, being present online won’t be enough to kick-start a career and take off down the path to success. First and foremost, you’ll need to learn the ropes of the industry and lay the right groundwork.

  • Know Your Audience: Once you decide which branch of webcam modeling is right for you, you’ll need to develop an in-depth understanding of your target audience. What are potential viewers looking for? When are they typically online? Consistency is key.
  • Know Your Competition: Regardless of the field you enter, you’ll be up against any number of other webcam girls trying to make a name for themselves just like you are. Standing out means studying the competition and finding out what makes the top contenders so highly sought-after.
  • Rise above the Rest: When you understand the opposition’s strong suits, you can tailor your offerings accordingly while working your own personality and inspiration into the mix. In doing so, you’ll ultimately build a unique profile, and this will be the creative value you bring to the table.

While these are a few of the basics common to all forms of webcam modeling, plenty of other nuances enter the mix along the way. Recognizing your unique beauty and one-of-a-kind talents is one thing; conveying them to the world while the camera is rolling is a completely different matter. This takes a bit of time, education and practice.

Cultivate Your Model Image

Creating a professional image requires a certain amount of preparation. You’ll need training in maintaining the right disposition on camera and in your chat rooms. Conveying the mood your fans want to see is crucial to building and retaining loyal clients. Knowing which poses are most flattering to you based on your body type and on-camera wardrobe takes guidance.

Even facial expressions are vital in this industry, and developing an awareness of how each one feels as you make it can go a long way toward looking the way you want in front of an audience. Aside from all the smaller details, you’ll need to learn how to bring your visions for your shows to fruition through your sets, outfits (or lack of them) and other elements. Learning how to create an ongoing string of new shows with fresh and intriguing ideas is also important.

All this falls under the category of developing your image, but it’s only a small piece of the puzzle. As you cover all those details, you’re creating a unique image for yourself, but you’re also working toward another key element in business: branding. You’ll use your brand in the next phase of your journey.

Online Marketing and Promotion For Camgirls

As alluded to previously, fostering your career as a webcam girl goes far beyond simply putting on a show and hoping people come to watch. You’ve got to promote yourself. Marketing lets the world know your business is up and running, and like all other aspects of the business realm, it encompasses a number of smaller elements.

Building upon Your Brand

Once you’ve determined the image you’ll convey in the midst of your fans, it’s important to develop a corresponding logo. This will be the simplest, but one of the most crucial, details of your brand. It should be unique to you and match your personality while giving the world some hint of what to expect from you. From there, you can move forward with other elements of your marketing campaign.

  • Website Development: Everyone who’s anyone is online, and since you’re running an online business, your website will be your fans’ portal to what you’re offering. Your logo will appear here, but it’s only the beginning. Professional-grade photos and “teasers” in the form of short video clips and written content need to be available to help draw in your clientele. You’ll also need to offer a schedule of your shows, online appearances and other upcoming events for those interested so they’ll know when and where to find you.
  • Social Media: Social media sites are becoming increasingly important in the online marketing world. You’ll need to make an appearance on Facebook,Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and other similar sites offering incredible opportunities to get the word out about you. Your social media campaigns will need to be updated regularly to keep fans interested and act as effective promotional tools. Those tidbits of information don’t need to be lengthy or extremely detailed; short, sweet and right to the point is all it takes to keep clients in the know.
  • Paid Advertising: Though social media marketing and SEO are crucial to your overall marketing efforts, paid ads do come into play. In order to get the most out of your investment in this realm, you’ll need to be sure your ads appear in the places your customers are most likely to see them.

These are only a few basic aspects of the marketing sector. If carried out the right way, your marketing strategies will bring fans to your website and draw paying customers to your shows, chat-rooms and even merchandise if you take your business efforts that far. It’s an ongoing process that’s well worth the time and effort you put into it. In order to work in your favor, though, it’s got to be executed in the right manner.

How Much Money Can a Webcam Model Make?

Reports from the entertainment world and the online marketing field alike show the demand for cam girls has more than doubled over the last decade. According to the latest figures, the webcam modeling industry raked in more than $1.5 billion dollars worldwide last year with no downturn in sight. As virtual reality technology becomes a more integral part of the business, it’s expected to grow even more during the years to come.

Income varies for cam girls with some bringing in upwards of $4,000 for a single session lasting two or three hours. This falls on the higher end of the pay scale and isn’t typical, so you shouldn’t go into the industry expecting $30,000 for a 20-hour work week. Your individual earnings will depend on a number of factors, like:

  • The type of webcam model you choose to be
  • How much time and consistency you put into developing your career
  • Your clientele
  • How entertaining your shows are
  • Pricing your time and services appropriately

Although you have complete control over your pricing, you need to keep your rates competitive in comparison to the type of entertainment you provide and others in your field. If you stream through other companies’ websites, their rates will affect your take-home pay as well. Some offer $.01 per minute whereas others are willing to give their models $.10 or more per minute. Tips are an entirely different matter and could prove as lucrative as your session-based income.

If you take the time and effort to develop your image and create well-thought-out shows, chances are you could generate quite an income for yourself. In order to do so, though, you’ll need the right tools and resources. All things said and done, you get out of the business what you put into it. There’s also the possibility of companies wanting to advertise their products and services through you if you make a name for yourself, which gives you another line of income.

Additional Webcam Modeling Aspects

Any number of people enter the world of webcam modeling without fully realizing just how much work goes into building a successful business in this industry. While preparation, marketing and the creative aspect of the field are often underestimated, many overlook a couple other key elements.

For one, a legal side of the industry does exist. You and your material need to be safeguarded against plagiarism, piracy and a wide range of other issues. At the same time, you’ll need to be protected from claims of copyright infringement and additional situations on your part. Having a legal representative and a company like Wild Orchid Modeling in your ring goes a long way toward keeping you safe from all those potential game-changers.

Secondly, though plenty focus on the income to be made, few consider the significance of treating their empires as a business rather than just a source of revenue. Marketing; advertising; legal backing; generating original content; keeping a fresh supply of costumes, props, backgrounds and other tools on hand; creating new scripts and all the other elements required to keep your audience coming back for more takes money.

You’ll need to set aside a portion of your earnings to be reinvested into your company. For this, having a professional CPA on your side can be invaluable. He or she can help you manage your income, decide just how much of it should be funneled back into your business and which aspects to divide it up among. Aside from those considerations, your CPA is an immensely valuable tool in helping you make a wide range of other savvy financial decisions.

Webcam Modeling as a Career, Not Just a Job

Endless opportunities are available in the world of webcam modeling, but making a career of it takes a great deal of preparation. Thousands of cam girls enter the industry with the hopes of making it to the top, yet only a handful actually succeed. If you want to be among the elite few, you’ll need guidance.

At Wild Orchid Modeling, we empower women just like you make a name for themselves and to have longevity in the industry. Every prosperous business has a process they follow to achieve success and our models make on average * $6,000 to $10,000 + per month* by following that process. We cover the full spectrum of crucial elements, including:

  • Training in posing, facial expressions and livestream production
  • Professional Photography and HD Video Production
  • Theme and Image Development
  • Modeling Branding
  • Set creation
  • Website Development
  • Social Media Marketing
  • And much more

Beauty comes in countless forms. Your fans are out there waiting for you, so give them what they want. Let us nurture your creativity and help propel you to the top of the industry. Contact Wild Orchid Modeling, and get your career underway.



*full-time models. results vary depending on skill set and work ethic of the model.


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